Out On Bail: Now What?

Posted on: 19 May 2017

Getting arrested may be one of the worst things to ever happen in your life. Your recent days might have all been a whirlwind of handcuffs, questioning, and holding facilities. Once bail is granted, you may find yourself with some time to think and prepare for court with your attorney. Ensure that you're also doing the following. Avoiding Certain People Your friends may be the people you want to be with most once you've gotten released on bail.
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3 Reasons To Start Over With Social Media Accounts During A Divorce

Posted on: 13 May 2017

Social media can certainly be a double-edged sword. It can be a wonderful way to share your life with everyone from your old friends from kindergarten to relatives who live far away. It can simplify connections but at the same time allow for meaningful ones. When you are facing a divorce, though, looking through an account that chronicles the happy times in a marriage can be painful, and you may want to simply start over.
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3 Reasons You Should Consult A Commercial Litigation Attorney As A Business Owner

Posted on: 2 May 2017

When you are initially building your business, you usually don't suspect that legal issues will ever come about that threaten it. However, it is not at all uncommon for business owners to face commercial litigation at some point in their development and operation. The truth is, there are so many facets to business operation that legalities can become a concern at some point, and when they do, it can be scary and even threaten your entire business.
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Intestate Succession—What It Is, And How Best To Avoid It

Posted on: 11 April 2017

If someone dies without a will, then the court must figure out how to distribute the property of the deceased. This practice, known as intestate succession, can lead to many problems for those left behind. Here's a little on how intestate succession works, and what you can do to prevent it. Who Stands to Inherit When No Will Exists State laws govern intestate succession. Each state has a list of people who can inherit assets.
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