Civil Litigation: Why This Is The All-Encompassing Grab-Bag Of Legal Cases

Posted on: 30 June 2018

When you think of court cases and lawsuits, you probably think of divorce court or personal injury and car accident lawsuits, right? Maybe you think of murder cases or cases where a jury is required to decide someone's fate. Each of these examples is governed by a specific branch of law; family law for divorce, personal injury for car accidents, and prosecution law for murder cases. However, a vast majority of cases, all of which are a little bit of everything, fall under civil litigation. Civil litigation includes small claims court and various kinds of lawsuits where one person sues another person or group for compensation. It is the veritable grab-bag of legal cases, and here is why.

It Is the Suing That Connects Them

Whether you sue for less than five thousand dollars, or you are suing for millions, civil litigation cases have one thing in common; the suing. If you want or need to sue for any reason, you pursue the lawsuit through civil litigation. Civil litigation lawyers know how to pursue these cases, and whether or not you even have a case to pursue. If you do have a case, you really should hire a lawyer to help you with the suing. Otherwise, your lawsuit may fall flat.

Minor Crimes May Be Involved

Sometimes civil litigation is defined as any non-criminal lawsuit. However, that is an inaccurate statement. If someone vandalizes your car or a neighbor's failure to prevent a tree from dropping on your roof causes damage, there are crimes involved here. You sue because you expect the other person to compensate you for the damages, but the other person may also be facing a criminal charge because of what he/she did or failed to do.

Contracts and Contractual Obligations May Be Part of It Too

In some civil litigation cases, the problem at hand is a contract or contractual obligation. This is different from some of the other lawsuits that fall under civil litigation because there is a legally-binding document proving that a service or product for money that was owed. The reverse lawsuit in this matter is suing for money not received for a product or service rendered. 

Warranties, Guarantees, Copyrights, Trademarks, Etc.

Warranties, guarantees, copyrighted items, trademarked items, etc., all fall under civil litigation matters from time to time as well. One company will refuse to honor a warranty, so the consumer sues. Another company sees something that legally is part of their company on another company's building, logo, product, etc., and the first company sues the second. Essentially, most lawsuits where monetary compensation is the expected outcome falls under civil litigation.

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