• Intestate Succession—What It Is, And How Best To Avoid It

    If someone dies without a will, then the court must figure out how to distribute the property of the deceased. This practice, known as intestate succession, can lead to many problems for those left behind. Here's a little on how intestate succession works, and what you can do to prevent it. Who Stands to Inherit When No Will Exists State laws govern intestate succession. Each state has a list of people who can inherit assets.
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  • How Your Previous Car Accident May Be Used Against Your Personal Injury Claim

    If you were previously involved in a car accident during your lifetime, that information may be used against you by the defendant should you decide to file a personal injury claim in relation to the car accident that you are currently involved in. Here are the two most common ways that the insurance company and/or the defendant may try to use your previous car accident against you. #1 Preexisting Injuries
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  • Tips For Winning Custody Despite Having A Disability

    If you should get a divorce and have children, you are likely going to want to take custody of your children. However, if you have a disability, you might worry that you are going to be considered to be less fit. The courts might worry that you are not going to be able to physically prevent a child from running into the street if you are in a wheelchair or that you won't wake up to help a child if you have a narcolepsy.
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