How To Recover Damages After A Mine Shaft Explosion

Posted on: 15 July 2022

Coal mining is a dangerous line of work. One of the many reasons why coal miners place themselves in danger when they mine for coal is the phenomenon of mine shaft explosions. These can be prevented with safety measures, but some coal mining companies choose to take shortcuts with their safety measures and place their coal miners at risk.

Why Explosions Are Common in Mine Shafts 

The coal dust and methane gas that can be found in a coal mine are very flammable and explosive. The explosion itself can cause coal miners to become injured and the explosion can also block the ventilation systems and make it more difficult for the workers to escape.

Common Types of Injuries

The type of injuries you might sustain as a result of the mine shaft explosion can include broken bones, penetration wounds, blunt trauma, and respiratory disease. An explosion causes much more damage in a confined space than in an open space.

After the accident, you will want to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Injuries caused by coal mining explosions can be very debilitating and your injuries will only worsen if you do not address them as quickly as possible. 

How to Build a Case Against Your Employer

Once you have been treated for your injuries, contact a coal miner attorney as soon as possible. While you are focused on recovering, your attorney will conduct research on your case to find out what happened and to determine whether your employer was responsible for the accident or a different party.

There are many regulations governing how a mineshaft is supposed to be constructed to reduce the odds that the mineshaft will have a problem with explosions. The specifications are very exact and negligence can lead to catastrophic explosions.

You Don't Have to be Left With Unpaid Bills 

After the accident, you will be entitled to compensation for various damages you might have suffered including your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. You might need years of rehabilitation to fully recover and you will need to receive compensation to pay for all of these damages.

Fortunately, you will not necessarily have to fight your case in court. A competent coal miner lawyer will contact the coal mining company and their insurance provider and will work hard to negotiate a settlement. A settlement is much faster than a lawsuit and is also less expensive. You are also not guaranteed to win a lawsuit.