Behind Closed Doors With Your Accident Claim: What To Know

Posted on: 7 April 2022

It's a confusing time after an accident for those hurt by another driver. Victims may be in pain, out of work, without a vehicle, and dealing with several issues seemingly all at once. Most victims can relax a bit once they speak to a personal injury lawyer. They can focus on recovering from their injuries and let the lawyer handle the financial aspects of the accident claim. However, some victims become impatient and wonder what is going on with their case. To learn what could be happening behind closed doors with your case, read on.

It Takes Time

The more serious your injuries, the greater the stakes and that can mean things can go slowly. Once you speak to your lawyer, they will get busy on your case but don't expect to be presented with a settlement offer right away. Your lawyer will be taking action on your behalf, but some actions may be delayed. In some cases, the delays are out of your lawyer's control but must be accomplished before anything moves forward. For example, you will likely be asked to sign a release so that your lawyer can access your medical records. Your treatment records are an extremely important part of your case and accessing them is key. However, medical facilities are often busy, and it can take time for them to comply with your lawyer's requests.

Gathering Facts

Your records are only one part of the case that is needed to form a complete picture of the accident and your injuries. Your lawyer will need the accident report, compiled by law enforcement and other evidence gathered at the scene. They may spend several weeks just gathering evidence and speaking to witnesses of the accident. If the other side is alleging that you are at fault for the accident, that will only add a complication and more time to the gathering of evidence. In some cases, your lawyer must hire an outside expert to find out how the accident happened before things can move forward.

Negotiations Begin

Once your lawyer has a better idea of what you are owed, the negotiations will begin. They start with a letter listing why you are not at fault and your damages. The amount of money you expect to be paid by the other driver's insurance company is demanded. Then, your lawyer may spend several days or weeks speaking with the other driver's insurance lawyers trying to come to an agreement on a settlement for you.

Be patient and expect to be updated when your lawyer makes progress with your case. Speak to a personal injury lawyer to find out more. 

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