Defending A Chiropractic Practicing License Against Disciplinary Action

Posted on: 22 June 2021

Given the nature of chiropractic work, a chiropractor may face a few complaints against them during their practice. If a chiropractor faces disciplinary action, they should consult a chiropractor license defense attorney. Handling disciplinary cases can be quite an emotional and financial burden. Even if, in the end, a chiropractor does not lose their license, they may face severe damage to their reputation. As such, chiropractors should consult professional legal assistance in handling the complaint and defending their licenses. As explained below, a chiropractor license defense attorney helps practitioners safeguard their practice in the following ways:

Act as a Legal Representative in Disciplinary Proceedings

A chiropractor facing disciplinary action before the chiropractor's board of examiners can represent themselves or hire a legal representative. Usually, any disciplinary complaints against a chiropractor receive meticulous attention to ensure a chiropractor did not violate a patient's rights. As such, hiring an experienced chiropractor license defense attorney increases a defendant's chances of success significantly. Given that they specialize in dealing with disciplinary claims against chiropractors, chiropractor license defense attorneys are best suited to represent a client who's at risk of losing their license.

Come Up with a Suitable Legal Defense

There are many reasons why a chiropractor may face disciplinary action. A patient may report a chiropractor for professional misconduct, or the chiropractor may have a serious criminal conviction. A chiropractor can enlist a competent chiropractor license defense attorney to come up with a convincing defense. The attorney reviews the allegations against a chiropractor and comes up with a suitable legal defense. For instance, if the charge is that a chiropractor failed to follow the correct procedure, a chiropractor license defense attorney can adduce documents that demonstrate the chiropractor followed the proper procedure. Nullifying a chiropractor's liability by demonstrating that a chiropractor fulfilled their duty of care requires a trained legal mind.

Compliance with Chiropractic Regulations

Chiropractors have various regulations they must comply with within their practice. Considering that chiropractors work closely with vulnerable patients, they must adhere to professional conduct. For example, chiropractors must always stay up-to-date with chiropractic regulations to ensure they do not face disciplinary action. A chiropractor license defense attorney can advise a client on all relevant chiropractic regulations to ensure a chiropractor conducts themselves professionally at all times. Compliance with chiropractic regulations shields a chiropractor from potential negligence and sexual assault, among other charges. It is also advisable to consult a chiropractor license defense attorney to ensure a chiropractor follows the correct procedure when setting up a chiropractic practice.