Should You Find An Attorney After A Vehicular Accident?

Posted on: 4 January 2019

Have you recently been involved in an accident on the road? If the answer to that question is yes, then you may need to see an attorney.

In fact, seeing an attorney to talk about what happened and to determine if any action needs to be taken is never a bad idea. However, there are some instances in which you most definitely should not skip out on this step.

If You Had to Head to the Hospital

If the vehicular accident caused you to visit a hospital due to pain or an injury, then you should speak with an attorney.

This is true even if your symptoms weren't apparent right away. Sometimes, people don't notice an issue until a day or more after the accident, at which point they may then see a doctor.

Basically, if you had to see a healthcare professional following an accident, it's worth it to speak with an attorney. They can assess whether or not you might have a bigger case on your hands, depending on the extent of your injury. At the very least, they can often help you recoup any medical costs that you incurred as a result of the accident. Thus, taking the time to speak with an attorney is worthwhile.

If the Other Party is Denying Liability

In most vehicular accidents, it is clear who was at fault and who was the victim in the situation.

Sometimes, though, you'll run into a case in which the police weren't sure or couldn't determine who was at fault  in their reports. Even worse, there are incidents in which the accident wasn't properly reported and now there are two conflicting stories and no easily accessible evidence.

For whatever reason, if you know the other party was at fault, but they refuse to accept liability, you'll want to speak with a lawyer. They can often gather evidence to help prove you weren't at fault and/or to prove that the other driver was negligent in some way that contributed to the accident.

If You're Missing Work

Sometimes, the trauma caused by a vehicular accident or, even worse, the injuries sustained in the accident, can make it so that you cannot go to work.

This, in turn, equates to lost wages and could even lead to you losing your job. If you are unable to work following your accident, speaking with an attorney is definitely wise since it could help to recoup lost wages and, in some cases, even lost earning potential.

These are all very good reasons to see an attorney following an accident. However, any questions or concerns related to the accident may also be reason to contact an accident lawyer. You have nothing to lose by doing so, and it's always better to err on the side of caution and to book a consultation.