Four Effective Measures To Mitigate Losses Associated With Cyber Crime

Posted on: 12 August 2017

Reports of devastating forms of cyber-crimes are constantly on the news. If your business hasn't been attacked, then adopt the following measures ASAP to ensure the situation stays that way:

Back Up Your Data

Having one set of data is dangerous because you will be at the criminals' mercy when they come for you. If you have more than one set of data, it's nearly impossible for all of them to be breached simultaneously. Having a backup plan ensures that you can call the criminals bluff and you won't lose much even if they go ahead with their plans and corrupt your data or lock you out of it permanently. Of course, this only applies to non-sensitive data that you wouldn't mind getting released to the public.

Install and Update Your Software

Installing and maintaining software is another simple precaution that many businesses still forget to do. As a rule, newer programs are safer than their older counterparts. For example, some people still use Windows XP, a Microsoft OS that is more than a decade old, and whose official support has ended when there are newer programs available.

Others also install programs, general or security programs, and forget to update them. This is unfortunate because cyber-criminals are working day and night to poke holes in these programs, and the only way to keep up with them is to update your software as soon as the updates are available.

Vet Your Employees

Though cybercriminals can hack your system from offshore locations, your employees also represent a credible threat to your data. In some cases, the criminal employees don't do the hacking themselves; they provide outsiders with the means (such as login information or information on security weak points) to do so. Vetting may not be foolproof, but it will certainly lock out obvious criminals who would otherwise pose a threat to your business.

Have an Action Plan in Place

In some cases, the actual theft of business data may cost you some money. In other cases, however, it is the fallout from such breaches that will cost you the most. Existing and potential clients or business partners may be wary of having further dealings with you after hearing about your data breach. Therefore, have an actionable plan in place to minimize the effect of such criminal activities on your business.

Hopefully, the above measures (among other things) will help you keep your business data from the reach of cyber-criminals. Cybercrime isn't easy to prove; a criminal lawyer can help you go after the suspects whom you suspect of committing the crime.

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