3 Reasons To Start Over With Social Media Accounts During A Divorce

Posted on: 13 May 2017

Social media can certainly be a double-edged sword. It can be a wonderful way to share your life with everyone from your old friends from kindergarten to relatives who live far away. It can simplify connections but at the same time allow for meaningful ones.

When you are facing a divorce, though, looking through an account that chronicles the happy times in a marriage can be painful, and you may want to simply start over. You may wish to speak to your divorce attorney about ways to best protect yourself online during this time, too. Here are four reasons why a fresh start on social media may be the right choice for you. It's important to take your time with this important decision and consider all your options.

Reason #1: Names and Other Identifying Factors May Change

When you see your divorce lawyer, one of the first things you may want to address is changing your last name back to a maiden name. Some social media websites allow you to easily change your last name on your account, but others make the process more difficult. It's sometimes easier just to start over. With a new account, you don't have to worry about past tags, comments, or posts with your "married" name.

Reason #2: Deleting Old Accounts with Past Drama Can Feel Cathartic

If you have an account that is full of declarations of your love for your soon-to-be ex, signing onto an account with that much baggage can be painful. The same is true if it's full of sad posts and drama. Even if you still want to cherish certain memories, you may choose to do so with saving the posts and deleting old accounts. The catharsis from letting that stuff go can be powerful.

Reason #3: New Accounts Allow You to Feel in Control

An old social media account may foster feelings of helplessness. Some social media sites even have reminders of your past that are sent out every so often. When you start a new account, you don't have to worry about any pre-divorce posts showing up and reminding you of a past that you are trying to leave behind you.

Finally, keep in mind that starting over with social media doesn't necessarily mean that the content on your old accounts will be forever deleted. Not all social media websites allow a full and complete deletion of your pages, and some people may have saved past posts. However, for the most part, starting over with social media will give you a fresh slate.

Throughout the process of your divorce, you may find yourself wanting to start over in lots of ways, and it may be inevitable that you have new beginnings in some areas. Contact your divorce lawyer if you have any questions or concerns on these changes and how to best protect your interests before, during, and after your divorce.